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03_19_18 Early Spring Orchards-103_19_18 First Bloomers-103_31_18 March in Palisade 103_31_18 March in Palisade 203_31_18 March in Palisade 303_31_18 March in Palisade 503_31_18 Palisade Smoke03_31_18 Palisade Spring-103_31_18 Springtime in Palisade-104_01_18 A New Friend 504_07_18 Batik-like_04_07_18 Bowling in Palisade04_07_18 Deep Green Shadow04_07_18 Down the Row04_07_18 Not Amused04_07_18 Orchards at Palisade04_07_18 Spring at the Orchards04_07_18 The Orchard Blooms 204_07_18 The Orchard Blooms04_12_18 April in the Orchards 1