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02_27_16 Bear Creek02_27_16 Beetle Kill Tree in RMNP02_27_16 Bend With the Wind02_27_16 Between Otis & Hallett02_27_16 Blue Ice02_27_16 Bright Wind02_27_16 Bull Elk02_27_16 BW February Sunrise02_27_16 Curtains Parted02_27_16 Ever Expanding02_27_16 February Sunrise02_27_16 Finding Forever02_27_16 First Light on Hallett Peak02_27_16 Ice Shimmer02_27_16 Ice Stars02_27_16 Icy Sojourn Over Rock02_27_16 Icy Sunlight Through Ice Curtain02_27_16 Just Married02_27_16 Long Story02_27_16 Manzanita in Winter