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09_30_16 Lava to Sea 609_30_16 Lava to Sea 1009_30_16 Lava to Sea 140222 Dalton Wells Cows0222 Dalton Wells0222 Garage Kitty0222 Navajo Taco0222 San Juan Inn Matches040121_-13Green River, UtahOld Truck at Hole in the RockSun Sculpture with Birds Nest inside!  Needles District of Canyonlands National ParkOld Truck at Hole in the RockSwayze's CabinSwayze's BeachView from Tamarisk, a restaurant in Green River, UtahFish Tacos at Tamarisk in Green River, UtahColorful travertine rock at Crystal Geyser, near Green River, UtahIntestine Man petroglyphPalisade Lavender Fields