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04_03_15 Morning at Lowell Ponds04_03_15 Cormorant05-27-15 Hanging Lake05-27-15 Hanging Lake 306_13_15 Skyline Behind City Park08_30_15 Echo Lake Reflections02_27_16 Hidden Lake Sunrise02_14_16  Forever Valentines03_26_16 Benediction04_09_16 April Reflections04_09_16 Farewell to the Day09_15_16 Lily Lake09_15_16 Lily Lake 210_06_16 October Maroon Bells-110_06_16 October Maroon Bells 2-111_11_16 Early Winter at Echo Lake11_14_16 Echo Lake05_07_17 Hidden Lake Dawn 305_07_17 Hidden Lake Dawn 45_20_17 Lakeside 1