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Life has been different for me for the last couple of months.  Ever since I returned from my trip to Death Valley, anyway, which was right at the beginning of December.  For the last couple of years it’s always been go-go-go as I’ve been exploring Western Colorado, Utah and The Colorado Plateau.  I’m becoming an expert on this region!  But, between winter, covid, a car accident with my car in the shop for nearly a month, school, and various – (lots of various!)  I’ve been staying in all during December and January.  Sometimes it feels like I may never leave the house again!  Fortunately, summer is shaping up to be a bit more active. 

In June I’m going to Antelope Canyon and the Lake Powell area for a couple nights, and John and I will also be visiting Crested Butte in July (after the grand baby is born!)  to see and photograph the beautiful fields of wildflowers up there.  We didn’t get to go last year because we were too late in trying to book it.  The rooms up there sell out early as people make their plans to be there for The Wildflower Festival in July.  Our rooms are booked just as that festival is finishing up, so that’s probably why I was able to find a room at all.   Many places up there have already booked up and we’re still 6 months out!   Yikes!

 One time a few years ago we stayed at this place called Three Rivers Resort in Almont.  It’s got the vibe of a summer camp and lots of people – both individuals and groups, like to stay there to go river rafting and fishing in the summer.  It’s 16 miles away from Crested Butte, but it doesn’t seem like a super long drive to get to the wildflower fields.  Maybe that’s because it’s just so beautiful up there! 

Anyway, I booked a room back at that place again.  It’s way cheaper than staying at a deluxe hotel in town.  It has a restaurant/bar and a store.  Because of Covid, I prefer outdoor dining these days and it has a large outdoor dining area.  But I’m hoping that Covid will be in less circulation next summer anyway. Fingers crossed that we’ll all be able to have a more normal summer season!   

The baby is due either late June or early July so I’m keeping that time open between approx. 06/15 and 07/15.  I’ll be visiting my daughter in Denver during the first half of June to do a maternity photo shoot with her, and then … coming home for a little while to - well, sit around and wait for that special day to arrive!  When it does, or when we have a better idea of when it’ll happen, I’ll be in Denver.  Waiting.  With bated breath!  I’m currently working on putting my maternity/newborn traveling photo shoot kit together!  (Can you tell I’m excited about this?) Yep, I’m getting my photographer act together and taking it on the road!

I’m not sure how all this is going to work out, or how long I’ll be in Denver at that time, but I’ll be there even if I have to sleep in my car! 

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