June 2021 Trip Reports

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I stuck close to home in June.  My 87- year- old mother had some surgery during the month, which necessitated me standing by in case of emergency.  Things are improving on that front now, but I did spend one whole Saturday in the ER with mom after her surgery.  So yes, I’m definitely living in interesting times right now. 

Pinyon Mesa-15-3Pinyon Mesa-15-3

Pinyon Mesa

I’m fortunate that there are so many places of beauty within a short drive of my house.  One such place is Pinyon Mesa, which is so close I can get there in an evening after dinner and be back home and tucked safely into bed by 9:30pm. The whole drive is a loop, part of which is technically considered The Grand Mesa National Forest.  This place is spectacular in the fall, but springtime is a close second. From this picture you can see that there are a few dead, drought-afflicted trees, but for the sake of this picture, I think they make a nice contract with the different colors of green.  I’m offering a weekend tour and workshop of Pinyon Mesa in mid-September, when the aspen leaves turn to gold.  The beauty of this place is truly jaw-dropping! 

Pinyon Mesa-36Pinyon Mesa-36

This sunset shot was also taken on Pinyon Mesa looking west into Utah.

Natural Fireworks-9Natural Fireworks-9

  Western Colorado Botanical Gardens  

Early fireworks this year!  That’s what this photo looks like to me.  They’re also much quieter than fireworks!  Another bonus!  This garden is 12-acres of desert beauty right in the heart of Grand Junction.  These gardens are managed by a nonprofit organization known as STRIVE, which offers support to individuals with disabilities and their families. On the first Friday of every month, you can get in for $1!  I went and enjoyed a couple hours of peace and mindful photography.  While I was there, I did a video with an affirmative prayer and a short silent meditation.  You can find this on a Facebook page I manage called Peace, Prayers & Meditations.  Here’s the link for 8 minutes of peacefulness in nature: 




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