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Photography is my key to the secret garden of life, my trip down the rabbit hole, a true magical looking glass with which I perceive the world.

I have been interested in photography since I was a child, when my parents first gave me their old Kodak Brownie camera. Capturing each moment of life through the camera lens has always struck me as magical and as a way to truly live in the moment. From snapshots and portraits, to fine art landscape photography, this magical process has had its way with me over the years leading me ever deeper into unity with the divine energy of light. Photography fills me with a sense of wonder and joy that can best be compared to the sense of unity one experiences only in prayer and meditation. Through the practice of photography, I am able translate my inner vision to the external world.

All things are light.  I am light. I shoot from the inside out, following my inner consciousness as it guides me to reveal the essence of the light around me. At the same time, I work deliberately in post-processing, employing my learned skills and modern technology to create the final image.

I am a spiritual guide with a “beginners mind” and a Religious Science Practitioner, licensed through The Centers for Spiritual Living, a New Thought Church.  I continue to be awed by the mystery of creation.



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